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Initial Settings

Create Account&Start CometMarks

You need to have your own account to use CometMarks. When you finish the installtaion of CometMarks. You will be directed to the setup wizard to create an account and then start using CometMarks.

You can sign in with your Comet passport if you have one, or click “Create account” if you haven't registered for Comet passport before.

Log into your CometMarks account after registration and click “Next”.

CometMarks is successfully installed in your computer. Click “Finish” to exit the setting wizard and start experiencing CometMarks.

Backup&Restore After Crash

“Wait, I need to save my bookmarks before reinstall my operating system.”

Now kiss goodbye these words since you now have CometMarks. CometMarks automatically saves your bookmarks and all the changes you make.

And here's how you restore your bookmarks:

  1. Install CometMarks on your computer;
  2. Start CometMarks and login your Comet Passport;
  3. Now check your bookmark collections.

Seamless Sync across all browsers and computers

If you are using different computers or different browsers on one computer, CometMarks will seamlessly synchronize your bookmark collection and keep the consistency; all you need to do is following these steps:

  1. Install CometMarks on all your browsers or computers;
  2. Launch CometMarks and login on one computer. All changes you make on your bookmarks will be automatically saved and uploaded to our server.
  3. Do as Step 2 when you are using another computer, then you will find your bookmarks become the same as your first computer.
  4. It's suggested that you launch CometMarks automatically when start window so that CometMarks will automatically synchronize your bookmarks.

Web Access to your own bookmarks anywhere and anytime

As you have installed CometMarks on your own computers, you can visit our site to view, edit or organise your own bookmarks.

  1. Click My CometMarks on the top right of the navigation bar and login your own Comet Passport.
  2. You are viewing your own bookmarks.

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