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Installing CometMarks

To install with the setup package (For IE)

Navigate to where you saved the setup file, double-click the file to start installation.

Follow the wizard step by step and CometMarks will be installed in seconds:

Tick the box to choose which component you would like to install, either for IE or Firefox.

The icon of CometMarks will appear in the notification area after setup completes.

To install with the xpi extension package (For Firefox)

Visit and select the version you want to install. Please note firefox will check for every plugin or software that will be installed on your computer.When the pop-up warning appears “Firefox prevented this site( from asking you to install software on your computer”; click “Allow” to continue, and an installation Dialog box will appear: Wait for a little while and then click “Install Now”; the installation will complete in seconds: For Firefox users, no matter which installation method you use, you will have to restart your browser to start using CometMarks. After restart Firefox, you will see the CometMarks icon at the right bottom of you browser: —- -Previous Page -Next Page -Main Index

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