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-===== What is CometMarks? ===== 
-CometMarks is a browser add-on that provides real-time automatic bookmark synchronization among all your different browsers and computers. Therefore you can now easily organize and edit your bookmarks anywhere. As a portable bookmark organizer, CometMarks has the following features: 
-  * Backup & Restore\\ CometMarks automatically backs-up your bookmarks on our servers to keep them safe; hence you'll never lose them whenever you need to reinstall your web browser or operating system. 
-  * Seamless Sync\\ Install CometMarks on all your computers enables automatic synchronization of bookmarks, and ensures the consistency of your bookmarks on different browsers and computers. 
-  * Online Bookmark Management\\ No matter where you are, whose computer you're using, you can always access your own Bookmarks. Just visit [[|My CometMarks]], every change you make will be automatically saved. 
-  * Web Browsers\\ CometMarks supports synchronizations across various popular browsers such as CometBird, FireFox and IE; which makes it easy and fast to manage bookmarks when running different browsers.  
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